Research and Innovation Projects

2020 - 2021 Industry Research Project

Research project on machine learning for autonomous coordination in 5G and beyond.

  • Developing distributed and robust machine learning and deep reinforcement learning approaches for 5G networks and beyond
  • Collaborating with researchers from Huawei Munich
Machine Learning, Reinforcement Learning, 5G & Beyond, Cloud & Edge Computing, Python, TensorFlow, Ray RLlib, OpenAI Gym & Baselines

My own research project on self-learning network management through machine learning.

  • Planned, applied for, and received 100K grant to launch my own IT research project
  • Recruited and leading 4 student assistants & collaborating with researchers from Huawei
  • Combining networking and machine learning to tackle real-world problems
Leadership, Network Management, 5G & Beyond, Machine Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Tensorflow, Keras, OpenAI Gym, Python

Innovation action with 18 European partners from industry and academia.

  • Designed and developed cloud-native smart manufacturing scenario and deployed it on Kubernetes
  • Implemented various tools to simplify and accelerate 5G service development
5G, IoT, NFV, Kubernetes, Docker, DevOps, Python

Design and development of a prototyping platform congestion control and messaging of an ETSI ITS vehicular networking stack. Publication and presentation of results and live demo at the 2016 IEEE Vehicular Networking Conference.

Vehicular Networking, C++, ZMQ Messaging, Linux

Personal Projects

A simple Django web app using a pretrained PyTorch DenseNet model for classifying uploaded images. Deployed on Heroku.

Python, Django, PyTorch, CI/CD

Personal blog for documenting things that I learned or want to learn. Mostly related to machine learning, networking, or technology in general.

GitHub Pages, fastpages, Jupyter, Google Analytics

Progressive Web App (PWA) to securely and easily track food, activities, and personal well being. Visualize tracked entries to understand what has a positive impact and what doesn’t. Implemented with Django and Bootstrap. Deployed on Heroku.

Python, Django, Bootstrap, Chart.js, PWA, Heroku, PostgreSQL, CI/CD, Google Analytics

Progressive Web App (PWA) to keep track of new ideas, organize them with tags, and add notes. Implemented with Django and Bootstrap. Tested and deployed automatically on Heroku.

Python, Django, Bootstrap, PWA, Heroku, PostgreSQL, CI/CD, Google Analytics

Website with up-to-date information and data on the COVID-19 spread. Visualization and analysis of trends worldwide and, in particular, in Germany.

Python, Jupyter, Matplotlib, Pandas, Google Cloud, GitHub Pages, Google Analytics